To Move or Not to Move

25 Feb

I’ve been thinking about moving to WordPress full-time for my blog. I like the fact i can change theme easily with it, I also like that fact that they should be around for a long time and hopefully will still offer free blogs.

I currently have a blog over Dave Winer’s opml blogs. I like the outline style of blogging I think it offers a “quick ‘n’ dirty” way of getting ideas, links and thoughts up somewhere you can share them with other people.
It also creates permalinks to these items and allows you to publish your RSS feeds when you want to. The only thing that worries me, well perhaps not worries me but something I think about is the fact that Dave hosts these at the moment.

I know there is the OPML Community Server but hosting lots of blogs that could get very popular can cost a lot of money will someone else take the role as blog hoster?

If Dave decides to swicth of the current server what happens to the contect on there would we be able to get it off? There seems to be a lot of things happening around the OPML Community recently and Dave has said that a 1.0 release of the OPML Editor might come out in April where he plans to do some OPML Roadshows to promote it. Again with all this extra publicity will the servers cope? what happens if they’re swicthed off?

I know i’m not a proficient blogger, i’m not even that good at it, if you can be good at blogging.

As Dave says if you have an idea and want people to hear about it blog it so I am. I really like the editor as a blogging tool so im not dissing the product i’m just wondering what’s going to happen.


2 Responses to “To Move or Not to Move”

  1. Lisa Williams February 26, 2006 at 3:49 am #

    The cool thing is that there are a number of ways you can use the OPML editor to post to a WordPress blog, and I think there will be more in the future.

    IMO, having a domain name is a great inexpensive piece of insurance for a blogger. If the service you’re blogging on goes away, you can just redirect your readers by redirecting the URL.

  2. Marsha March 15, 2006 at 6:57 pm #

    I have been using wordpress for nearly two years. I like it a lot.

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