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Britons Fear Net Crimes

9 Oct

BBC NEWS | Technology | Net crime ‘big fear’ for Britons

According to the BBC people in Britain fear net crimes over burglary. To be honest I do not know anyone who has suffered from a “net crime”. I myself have been buying things off the internet for nearly 10 years and nobody has ever managed to get my credit/debit card details.

To be totally honest I fear muggings or burglary over crime on the internet. In our current society it seems that nobody has control over offenders. All this violent crime is happening around the country and the police seem unable to do anything about it. I’m lucky and live in quite a quiet part of the country, we are not subject to a lot of the atrocities that happen elsewhere. Thats not to say it would never happen but i’m glad that I live where I do.

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Bailiffs Getting Away With Murder

26 Sep

The BBC┬áhas done an undercover investigation into bailiffs. The TV program Whistleblower will be screened tonight, but the article goes over some of the findings and frankly they are shocking. How can they get away with some of the things they do? As one bailiff puts it they are “legal thieves”