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19 Oct

Just found about this Firefox/Flock extension Googlepedia while listening to Inside The Net 38. What it does, is as you do a google search it does a Wikipedia search and then lists the nearest entry to your search on the right hand side of the page. Awesome.

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Mark’s Musings for 18-4-2006

18 Apr

I’ve changed the theme again on this site. I’m not sure if I like any of them. Is there a way to edit it?

One thing that i’ve noticed about the Job Website’s i’ve got the RSS feeds off is that the jobs are more or less the same on each site.

The second puzzle in the Google Da Vinci Code competition is up. I’ve just completed it as well 🙂

Google London

21 Nov

Google have opened a new office in London. Have a look around it here.

George W. Bush tries to make a quick exit from a Press Conference in China but gets stuck. Video (Realplayer Needed)

Some People Do Read This Then

17 Nov

So after installing some stats code it turns out if you write stuff people will read your blog. I’ve mentioned Google Analytics over the last couple of days on here and seems that people are really interested in it. They must have been disappointed when they came here as my reviewing skills are appalling. On the other hand if someone else does come here looking for some Analytics details here are some screenshots of the kind of thing you can see.

Main Stats Page

Search Engine Info

Initial Path / Entrance Pages

Browser & Platform Combos

UWTV Program: Google: A Behind-the-Scenes Look

5 Apr

Found this on OS News it’s a web cast of a talk given by a google employee on how google works. Very interesting.

It is just under an hour long so you will need to have some spare time to watch it.

UWTV Program: Google: A Behind-the-Scenes Look


6 Sep

Well i have 6 Gmail invites to give away if anybody reads this and would like one the send me an email me on with your name and email address and i’ll send you one