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Web Overtakes Newspapers In Europe

11 Oct

Web overtakes newspapers in Europe – Yahoo! News

Yahoo have an article about how people in Europe use the Internet to gather news rather than traditional newspapers. TV is still on top, but how long will that last?

Myself I hardly ever read a newspaper on the rare occasions that I do, it just doesn’t seem right. On the internet it’s so easy to swap back and for and skim headlines on the major news sites to find articles you want to read. With the advent of RSS it’s even easier the news is delivered straight to you and then you have the option to read items there and then or at your leisure.

Even TV news bulletins seem pointless when you use RSS even though they try and be as up to date as they possibly can they can never compete with the speed of news transfer on the internet. There will always be that lag of the news breaking and more information being conveyed, with blogs and sites like YouTube allowing anyone to get news to people as and when they want to will TV take a backwards step in the way news is broken.

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More on IE7 RSS

3 Oct

Following on from Yesterdays post reading RSS feeds in IE7 there should be a way to mark feeds left unread in a folder as read. I tend to like to set all my feeds as read if i’m going to ignore certain feeds.

Sometimes I just don’t want to read some feeds and it would be good to have the option.

I did try Microsoft Max to see how that fared. It looks nice and arranges the feeds and feed items in a nice way, but for some reason it doesn’t give you the option to view the whole feed item in the same window. if you click on a feed item it opens up the website in your browser. What’s he point in that? It would be much better if it opened the item within the program.

The look of Max is awesome and hopefully developers of Windows apps in the future can get their apps to look as good as it.

If anyone knows how I can get to view items within the Max window I would be grateful.

Internet Explorer 7 RSS Reading

2 Oct

I’ve started using IE7 for reading my RSS feeds.

One thing that bothers me is that i can’t get a list of unread feeds together like in FeedDemon. If you have a long list of feeds it’s nice to click on the folder they are in and see which ones still have unread items. Also the way of getting to your feeds is not ideal, I think it would be a lot better to have a seperate section that is specifically for feeds.

I know IE7 is still in Beta so i can only hope that they make some improvements to the RSS side of it.

iTunes Podcast New Items

13 Jun

I have 12 podcasts that I listen to, I've subscribe to most of them via the iTunes subscribe button on their websites. This is awesome if your new to podcasts and use iTunes.

One thing that i've just started to notice is that sometimes it takes forever for iTunes to recognise that there is a new podcast available. Why does this happen? I don't think it's my ISP cacheing the RSS feed as my feed reader seems to update new items in the feeds almost instantly.

 Does anyone know why this happens? If you do leave a comment below.