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Windows Apps State

11 Oct

I was lucky enough to be bought a laptop by the company I now work for. It’s great i’ve always wanted one but never had enough money to be able to buy.

The only issue I have is that I would love to be able to have an app that remembers what apps I have open when i shutdown and be able to open them when I boot back up. It would be a great help if when ever I boot my laptop then I have it exactly how I left it.

I know there is an app called Relaunch for the Mac, this looks like exactly what I am looking for. I have searched for a Windows equivalent but not found anything. Does such an app exist?

Please someone leave a comment if you have found something that does this kind of thing or if you have any other suggestions.

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IT Events in South Wales

24 May

Why aren't there any good tech events in this South Wales? There must be a lot of people interested in Web2.0, RSS and Mashups, but where are they? The only sites I can find with any sort of tech events listed are IT Wales and Welsh Events. These don't exactly have huge range.

When you all these conference's going in America it makes you wish you lived there. It seems that in UK nobody wants to get together and discuss these new technology. Are people just not interested or are we still Web1.0.