Posting from Word 2007

7 Mar

Just playing with Microsoft OneNote 2007 and clicked on the Blog This menu item, and it opens up Word. There are a number of blog platforms available so most people won’t be disappointed.

I put in my WordPress account details and there we go straight to a new post, which you are reading now.

Office 2007 keeps on surprising me, every day I find something new in it. I’ve mostly used Outlook which is a nice improvement on the 2003 version which I was using. The ribbon is awesome, everything is just in front of you ready to be used.

Here’s a picture of the blog post version whilst writing this post

Well done Microsoft.


It could gave been worse

9 Feb

After our few hours of snow this morning, lots of people were probably thinking oh my god this is a nightmare.
Well have a thought for the people in upstate New York who have had over 6′ of snow.

Man shovelling snow in Oswego

BBC NEWS | World | Americas | Upstate New York buried in snow

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What a Difference!

9 Feb

These 2 photos were taken only an hour and a half apart.

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Snow Joke

9 Feb

It’s just taken me 2 hours to get home from work. It normally takes me 20 minutes on a good day but with all the snow that’s been plaguing the UK. The M4 motorway between Pontardawe and Hendy is absolute chaos.

Below are some pics i took as i was stuck in traffic.

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Disappointing Result

4 Feb

So another disappointing result as far as Wales go. The performance was ok, I think Jamie Robinson was out of his depth and went missing for long parts of the game. Overall I think we can build from here and look to the Scotland game with a lot of hope of a win.

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Six Nations 2007

3 Feb

So we’re on the verge of another Six Nations. With the Autumn Internationals a distant memory all the nations go into this championship with one eye on the World Cup and finding the right blend to give them success.

Looking at the recent form of all the countries it looks like this year could be a close contest. With England having the likes of Jonny Wilkinson and Jason Robinson back in their team and the debut of Andy Farell, they could be a force once again. Scotland have some injury worries and i think they will not achieve the same level of play as they did last year.

Ireland were awesome in November and look like the side that will take the Grand Slam, but they have a tough test against Wales first up. Wales had an ok Autumn but I think Gareth Jenkins had made some interesting choices in his selection. Although Gavin Henson is arguably one of our best players I think it is right he was kept out of the 22. I think we will miss Tom Shanklin in the centre as he has been in excellent form since returning from injury.

I hope that Wales produce a performance and don’t get steamrollered.


BBC SPORT | Rugby Union | Six Nations pundit predictions

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16 Jan

I know i’m a little late to the party, but i’ve just been watching the Macworld keynote. I just have to say that the if all this is possible then it could be the best gadget ever.

It’s just a shame that I won’t be able to afford one when they come out.