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Some People Do Read This Then

17 Nov

So after installing some stats code it turns out if you write stuff people will read your blog. I’ve mentioned Google Analytics over the last couple of days on here and seems that people are really interested in it. They must have been disappointed when they came here as my reviewing skills are appalling. On the other hand if someone else does come here looking for some Analytics details here are some screenshots of the kind of thing you can see.

Main Stats Page

Search Engine Info

Initial Path / Entrance Pages

Browser & Platform Combos



16 Nov

So some data has come through on Google Analytics. One thing I have to say that it is very thorough. A lot of the information is useless to most people but could be very useful if your running a big complicated site then perhaps it would be good.

Thought I would add a current screenshot

Just found this illusion. Don’t look at it too lng it made me feel sick.

Google Analytics

15 Nov

So it’s been pretty quiet on the news front from my point of view. Google (like they need another backlink 🙂 )have announced Analytics which is a web stats service. I’ve installed it on this blog but nothing appears to be happeing quite yet but they do say it can take a little bit of time for the information to appear.