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Internet Fail Blog

30 Jan

Just found this via the Laughing Squid blog – the Internet Fail Blog.

An example of one of the pictures.


pic: Internet Fail Blog


Posting from Word 2007

7 Mar

Just playing with Microsoft OneNote 2007 and clicked on the Blog This menu item, and it opens up Word. There are a number of blog platforms available so most people won’t be disappointed.

I put in my WordPress account details and there we go straight to a new post, which you are reading now.

Office 2007 keeps on surprising me, every day I find something new in it. I’ve mostly used Outlook which is a nice improvement on the 2003 version which I was using. The ribbon is awesome, everything is just in front of you ready to be used.

Here’s a picture of the blog post version whilst writing this post

Well done Microsoft.

Web Overtakes Newspapers In Europe

11 Oct

Web overtakes newspapers in Europe – Yahoo! News

Yahoo have an article about how people in Europe use the Internet to gather news rather than traditional newspapers. TV is still on top, but how long will that last?

Myself I hardly ever read a newspaper on the rare occasions that I do, it just doesn’t seem right. On the internet it’s so easy to swap back and for and skim headlines on the major news sites to find articles you want to read. With the advent of RSS it’s even easier the news is delivered straight to you and then you have the option to read items there and then or at your leisure.

Even TV news bulletins seem pointless when you use RSS even though they try and be as up to date as they possibly can they can never compete with the speed of news transfer on the internet. There will always be that lag of the news breaking and more information being conveyed, with blogs and sites like YouTube allowing anyone to get news to people as and when they want to will TV take a backwards step in the way news is broken.

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Links for 6-9-2006

6 Sep

Chris Pirillo isn’t happy with the Windows Vista pricing.

Steve Rubel has an A-Z list of ways to make money from your blog.

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