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30 Jan

Just found this via the Laughing Squid blog – the Internet Fail Blog.

An example of one of the pictures.


pic: Internet Fail Blog



15 Aug

So I’ve started back rugby training, i’ve been going since last tuesday and it’s getting easier every time i go. I’m tracking my training and weight over on Traineo. My profile is So far i have lost 4 pounds since starting, it’s been a long time since my weight has been going down.

I can’t wait until the season starts it’s annoying to be doing all this training and not playing, but that will come.

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Baked Laptop

6 Aug

Somehow this laptop is still working after being baked in the oven. 

Kid Geeks

3 Aug

Just watched the Robert Scoble video of Daniel Brusilovsky, can’t believe how level headed he sounds for a 14 year old.

Flickr Wallpaper Changer

29 Jul

Just found this via Jeff Sandquist’s blog. You will need the .net2.0 framework for it to work. It checks Flickr for photos with the tag(s) you supply and then uses it as your background. You can set it to change whenever you want.


Very Cool!

Dr Who

29 Jul

Just watched the last episode of the current series of Dr Who. I had to wait to watch it as I missed it when it was on the first time. Luckily BBC3 have repeated the series and thanks to the joys of SKY+ I managed to record it.  It was terrific, the only thing that bugged me was the end. I thought and if there are any Dr Who aficionados reading this then please correct me, but I always thought the TARDIS was impenetrable. 

Even saying that I can’t wait for the Christmas special. 



12 Apr

Signed up for Jaiku. I like the way you can add feeds to your profile and it becomes a central repository
of all the stuff you do on te web.

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